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Crystal Car Prediction

Crystal Car Prediction

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Take any card from a deck. You don't need to force it.Put it back into the deck.The magician shuffles the deck

and spreads the deck with the cards face down,making a row.



Then the magician shows his new car,the latest model in the market,the Crystal Car.He makes it roll on top of

the row of cards,showing it can go forward and backwards.He places the car at the beginning of the row,and then

the spectator must put his forefinger on the car and make it roll.



As he moves the car,something astonishing happens:the car stops on top of a card he turns it over and...

miracle! It's the selected one! SECRET It's a very easy trick to perform.







The car is made of solid Lucite,and you can see everything! So where is the trick? Buy CRYSTAL CAR and


you will enjoy it for sure - and you'll find out where the secret lies.





* Dimensions Approximately 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1"