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Magician Hand Grip

Magician Hand Grip

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  1. A hand grip that can carry along with you easily while strolling, completed set with the metal stand; allow you to put all the magic props inside. The box made from very solid wood. This suitable for stage and close up performance also. 
    • 2005, Shirley Duglin Kennedy, The Savvy Guide to Motorcycles[1], ISBN 0790613166, page 30:
      On a motorcycle, you work the clutch by squeezing a lever on your left handgrip, and you operate the shift lever with your left foot.
    • 1994, Verolyn Bolander, Karen Creason Sorensen, Joan Luckmann, Sorensen and Luckmann's basic nursing: a psychophysiologic approach[2], ISBN 0721640133, page 837:
      Each cane consists of three parts: (1) the handle (which may or may not be covered by a rubber handgrip), (2) the shaft, and (3) the base (which is usually ...
    The covering (rubber) on a handle, designed to allow the user more comfortable or more secure hold on the handle.   
  2. Nowadays, this unique design make us as a favour choice for used in professional.




Size measurement:

Grip= 1 feet 2 Inches (Length) X 1 feet 6 Inches (Wide) X 0.5 feet (Diameter)

Stand= 2 feet 10.5 Inches (Length)