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Mummy Mystery

Mummy Mystery

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Unusual and one of my favorite tricks!  Your audience will think you have X-RAY vision with this great mystery!


Our new version includes beautifully molded mummies in true RELIEF design. See photos for the great detailed finish.

Effect: Example you have display a black, red, and white mummy and a grey sarcophagus.  While your back is turned, or while you are in another room, the volunteer places any color mummy in the sarcophagus and closes the cover. Upon turning around you can INSTANTLY tell them what color mummy is within!

WOW!!  Highly recommended!



Our new mummy design is not a flat sticker like others sell but a full 3-D beauty with plenty of detail.

  • -Repeat immediately!
  • -Everything is examinable!
  • -Excellent bar or close-up trick.
  • -After mummy is inserted, you reveal the color within and NEVER touch the sarcophagus nor is the lid removed!
  • -Very easy to do but even the smartest can't figure this out



Our President, Bob Bokor, highly recommends this trick!