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The Lean

The Lean

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The Lean Illusion

>Highly Visual /  Easy to Do

>No Assistants Required

>No Special Stage Needed

>Can be Done Surrounded

>Performed Indoors or Out

>We Customize Your Shoes,your shoes size can tell us. 

Imagine being able to walk out and at any point in your show, being able to LEAN to an almost horizontal position, (literally an arm's length from the floor)! You now lean back up straight and continue on with your act, with complete mobility! 

Billy McComb
- "Fantastic... Doug Malloy has brought a wonderful classic back to life, that is extremely well made. A whole act can be built around this".

Kevin James- "Very Cool... Great for any variety act - magicians, clowns, jugglers, musicians, etc..."

How can I perform this at my next show or upcoming event. ? Simply send us your shoes and let us do the rest! 

Shoe Requirements - For maximum LEAN capability, your shoes should be an above the ankle (for extra support) - snug fitting - lace-up, dress shoe or tennis shoe. Once your shoes are rigged, they are just like wearing a normal pair of shoes!