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Vanishing Cane (Fantasio) - Trick

Vanishing Cane (Fantasio) - Trick

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SKU: 888-0172
Weight: 200 grams
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This is one of the most popular and visual stage effects in the world! Highly Recommended!!!

You twirl a Cane between your fingers.

Next, you tap it on the floor to prove it's solid.

While you hold the cane on each end, it instantaneously changes into two large silks.

This World Famous FANTASIO Product features:
  • Professional Quality
  • No Danger In Handling
  • Light-Weight
  • Fast Silent Operation
  • Unbreakable
  • Safe Operation - Will Not Cut The Hands
  • Oil Not Required - Harmless To Silks
  • Smaller Hand Load
  • Durable and Long Lasting

Are any silks included?
No. We do sell silks separately, however.