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The Wizard PK Ring

The Wizard PK Ring

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SKU: D-0265
Weight: 200 grams
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Do not put your PK Ring in the bottom drawer!

There's so much it can do...
  • Coin thru can                                                       
  • Glass bottle penetration
  • Plastic bottle penetration                                    
  • Matchbox penetration
  • Psychic matchbox
  • Stopping time
  • Haunted deck
  • Deck penetration                                 
  • Coin transpo
  • Psychic coins
  • Coin balance
  • Chopless chopcup
  • Haunted fork
  • The haunted tom
  • Beer mat penetration

Running Time Approximately 50min
Written by and taught to you by the creators of the Wizard PK Ring. Get it together now!