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The Raven

The Raven

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888-0344The Raven GimmickRM  160.00
Weight: 425 grams
Stock: Stock available
D-0258, 888-0344The Raven deluxe set (DVD with Gimmick) RM  250.00
Weight: 625 grams
Stock: Stock available

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                                                          Perform the coin vanish you've seen on TV

The boy stands, staring at his empty hand.
You can see that he simply can't understand what just happened. His brain flipped out.The magician and the boy are on the street - in a gritty area of town.

2 out of every 3 Raven buyers also buy the Raven DVD by Chuck Leach

Get the Raven gimmick also buy the legendary Raven DVD  now. Why not let Chuck Leach personally take you through the set up and perfect execution of the Raven? The Raven Video includes:

  • vital information necessary to perform the effect flawlessly
  • setting up Raven
  • learning Raven - visually, so that you can really learn it
  • insider techniques and secrets that make Raven 10 times more effective
  • demonstrations by Chuck Leach himself and step by step instrution directly from Chuck
  • several tricks that can be performed with Raven other than making a coin vanish

    The boy is on his way home from school when he is stopped by the magician and asked if he'd like to see something. When the boy says YES the magician asks for a quarter. Placing it on the back of the boy's hand he asks the boy to be stilll. The magician simply waves his hand over the coin and suddenly it is no longer visible on the boy's hand. It is gone, and both of the magician's hands are empty. The magician didn't touch the coin but the boy could FEEL it disappear off his hand.

This is the devastating work of Chuck Leach who developed and created the Raven, a stunning prop that allows you to wearing a short sleeve shirt.

We confidently say that it's one of the best investments you can make in the world of street magic, and currently, we are offering a special price of  for our classic, hand crafted Raven.

Comes complete with The Raven (Reel), Raven DVD, special coins. Can be learned in about an hour or so.

Enchanting, genius, and magical
by Jimmy M.

Enchanting, genius, and magical come to mind when using this amazing gimmick. Worth every penny and more.

It's the coolest thing ever
by ben holler

Everyone askes you to do it magic trick ever

simply magical
by Constantine

The best vanishing gimmick ever! The first time I tried to make a coin disappear, it did take about 10-15 minutes to get it. But when I did figure it out, the Raven yielded extraordinary results!