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Spin an object with the power of your mind



A strange and mysterious character walks into the room he has an unusual talent for distorting the laws of nature and making them follow his command. Is it possible can someone have this much power? I have seen this before in movies but this was no movie this really happened, it just looked so real.

This is Spin.

Spin is a new tool in the arsenal of Psychokinetic effects. It is time to step up and Spin the world.

Spin large objects or small objects seemingly with the power of your mind with ease.

  • Impromptu
  • No gimmicks, blowing, threads, or magnets. Instantly repeatable, and absolutely dependable.
  • No Blowing
  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Absolutely dependable
  • Extremely practical

Matt Sconce, creator of Power Word: Fall, has released another devastating PK effect. Spin stands on the shoulders of effects that have come before it and takes those concepts to a whole new level. This effect takes a new "SPIN" on what magicians of the past have done and takes it to a level that increases its practicality, power, and impact.

With the "Force" start, and focus on techniques to make the method transparent to the audience, Matt Sconce spends over an hour teaching you how to use this effect in your arsenal of heavy hitters, how to move large objects, and two bonus applications from the creative minds of Shane Black and Shaun Dunn using the same Spin method in a different way.