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 Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy

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                                                                                       Real magic happens in the spectators hands

As magicians, others believe momentarily that we have hidden ability. They experience this power during the marvels we create, but secretly wish they could also own power such as this.

                                           Search and Destroy gives them that opportunity.


It is a slow-motion sandwich effect. A card is remembered and returned to the pack. Two kings enter the deck face-up and begin a search and destroy mission. One step at a time they move closer and closer to the spectator's card..every time the pack is spread they have moved closer. Finally they trap just one card at the correct one every time.

This happens in the spectator's hands.

  • Virtually self working; allows you to concentrate on learning the touches and nuances that turn this trick into a miracle
  • Audience tested thousands of times
  • Widely considered the best sandwich trick of all time
  • Any deck, anytime, anywhere

-Practical, powerful technique-
lessons that will evolve your magic


Search & Destroy also includes a detailed explanation of the Nowhere Pass - Aaron's acclaimed and well-thought-out approach to the Bluff Pass, long considered the province of only the most advanced sleight-of-hand experts. With the care and attention that has come to define Aaron's teaching, this segment will give you a new tool in your arsenal that you will find uses for in many of your own favorite effects. And that's only the beginning: the lessons you learn here about tension, focus, and design in sleight of hand will improve every card trick you do.

  • Fisher is an amazing teacher, charismatic, filled with cutting wit
  • DVD turns over every showmanship rock, misses nothing
  • The real work on the Nowhere Pass
  • The go-to trick you will perform, always
  • The acclaimed book Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher gets legs and runs for an hour and a half