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Pyro Kinesis

Pyro Kinesis

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Create fire with your mind.

You pick up any unprepared matchbook and unfold it. Now, with just the matchbook at your fingertips, you ask for silence as you stare intently. After a moment, without warning, the entire book of matches spontaneously self-combusts.

Hand it out. People are doubly shocked because they just touched the matches a moment before. All they can claim witness to is you, the borrowed matches, and the power of your mental energy.





• High-quality gimmick included.
• Use, Care & Routines taught on video CD included.
• 3 Second setup.
• Easy reset.
• Self Contained.
• Ending clean is easy.
• 18+ and older only
• Requires small bit of Flash Paper sold separately.



Pyro Kinesis allows you to make any book of matches spontaneously combust . . . on a moment's notice. Pyro Kinesis is completely self-contained - there're no chemicals and you control exactly when the matches catch fire.


The possibilities are without end - light a cigarette with the burning matches, or rub the burnt match heads across your arm to reveal a spooky prediction. You could even order custom printed matchbooks, and hand out the burnt matches as your business card - they'll never forget you or the impression you burned into their mind.


Pyro Kinesis comes with everything you need including a video CD explaining everything including how to load and ditch the gimmick without notice while ending clean. You'll be up and running in just 5 minutes and reset time is just a few seconds. Additionally, Krisjian Pipho's clever handling and insights allow you to accomplish the effect invisibly and effortlessly.


Because of the nature of this effect, Pyro Kinesis can only be sold to adults. (18+) Magic Club is not responsible for the use or misuse of this product by anyone.








NOTE: Flash paper (a very tiny amount is needed) sold separately here. (One order of Flash Pads or paper will last hundreds of performances.