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SansMinds Magic brings you Propel - a crazy visual effect all the way from Indonesia.
Draw a simple dot or symbol on your finger with a Sharpie marker. Watch the ink crawls up and down across your fingers and even on to the other hand.

A moving ink effect with nothing but the ink and your skin. It happens inches away from your spectator with no cover or other funny business. You'll be leaving your spectator completely astonished.

A perfect companion effect for SansMinds Sharpie routine.



"Propel is everything that the manufacturer claims it is...definitely watch the video to see if it's something that might work for you. "
Wayne Kawamoto, 10/13/2014 Full Review

" If you like the concept of moving ink then you’re going to love Propel."
William Draven, Reviewer 9/10/2014 Full Review

"If you like what you see or if you like the plot, you might like this method for it. "
Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 7/23/2014 Full Review

"Once you actually start using it; you can see this genuinely will get great reactions."
David Penn, Wizard Product Reviews 8/6/2014 Full Review

"They do teach you how to instantly set up to perform this again which is great for strolling magicians."
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 8/8/2014

".. I like this trick..."
John Wilson, Magic Broadcast (RADIO) 9/23/2014

" appears impromptu, although it uses a clever gimmick that you make up with materials provided with the DVD."