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Multiple Usage Magician Table

Multiple Usage Magician Table

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This elegant table and carrying case will let your audiences know they are about to see a great show. The table is made from good quality hard wood with glossy lamination. An extra shelf is included and can be adjusted to suit your needs. The inside of the table is painted, making it easier to see your props. The table top is covered for a slip resistant surface. The front and sides fold down for packing and protect the laminate surface from scratches and gauges during transportation so that your table will look new for years. The foldable handle allows you to pull the table along. No need to have to carry it- however, there is an additional handle to make it easy to lift into your car.  

SUITCASE TABLES: If you don’t have anything, get one. You’ll be happy you did. They solve so many problems at once, and you can use them in multiple venues. My children’s birthday party show is always set up in one. It makes life easy.

Addtional Note~

Top Dimention : 13 Inches (H) X 20 Inches (W)

Body Dimention : 35 Inches (H) X 19 Inches (W)