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Master Prediction System

Master Prediction System

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“Simply the best prediction that I’ve seen, and used!”
CRISS ANGEL (Season Two)



EFFECT: A locked chest hangs in full view. At any time during your act, audience members are asked to call out anything they wish: numbers, cities, foods, names, etc.

No forces are employed – these are completely free choices!

Their selections can be written on a board, where they remain in full view.  You explain that inside the chest is a sealed time capsule, containing a prediction. Opening the chest, you remove a large, clear-plastic container (approximately 10 inches” long and 4 inches” in diameter). Visibly sealed inside is an envelope (also sealed).  The lid is unscrewed, and you let anyone remove the envelope. They open and read your sealed prediction, and it is 100% correct!  
Beautifully handcrafted from the finest woods and hardware. Each unit is built to withstand constant professional use.  Extremely portable, and easy to do!



- Perfect for trade shows, stand-up, cruise ships, etc. Routine can be tailored to fit your client’s needs.

- Extremely VERSATILE: In addition to Doug Malloy’s routine, you also can learn from Dick Zimmerman’s original routines: Restaurant Menu, Ideal Product, Magical Travel  Agency and other ideas




Look at these unbelievable features:

• Use for a headline prediction or a nest of boxes type - 9'' inches (W) X 13'' inches (H), effect in which a borrowed watch, bracelet, or wallet appears inside the chest.

• The prediction can be large and folded as often as necessary to fit inside the capsule.


• Built in the Wellington tradition, rugged and reliable.


• Easy to do and can be done within six feet of the audience.


• Extremely portable. Includes Wellington's new Ultimate Table Base 16.5'' inches (W) X 36'' inches (H) - strong and sturdy yet packs small. Designed specifically for this effect, it breaks down very small for packing


• Complete with video learning.