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M5 System Tactics and Training DVDs

M5 System Tactics and Training DVDs

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D-0391 (1)M5 System Tactics and Training (Vol 1)RM  123.00
Weight: 200 grams
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D-0391 (2)M5 System Tactics and Training (Vol 2)RM  123.00
Weight: 200 grams
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The only M5 Pro PK visual training on the market


The lack of M5 training in the current market is something we’ve long been aware of. These DVDs comes screaming across the gap to fill it. We'll show what can happen when a master like Justin Miller gets a tool like the M5 into his hands. This isn't another tired thread trick, this is the unraveling of basic perception based on a tool the spectator has no idea even exists. So lead your people into a lawless world... make them question what they believe. If you ever really wanted magic powers, this is how to get them and still stay in this world.



- Packed with 14 searing tricks and routines using the M5 system

- Easy to understand training, step-by-step

- Contains details you've never thought of with pro-pk work

- You can use entire routines of many M5 tricks in your set

- Teaches tricks that utilize nails, cards, coins, cell phones, mentalism, keys, matches, cigarettes, and watches


In the box

Raven Hold out
On the Spectator


Key It - Two key rings borrowed from the spectators link and can be picked up from the spectators hands using their own "energy" Amazing opener. This will get attention. The patter about energy gets them hooked and ready to enjoy the show.

Ex-Change - Show a penny and dime, then you put the dine in your spectator's hand. Place the penny on the back of their hand. With a wave of your hands the penny and dime switch places, WHILE in their hand. A verifiable transposition while in your spectator's hand makes this look like REAL magic.

Stopped - This is a classic watch stop but with a new presentation and attack on the effect. Learn how to incorporate your spectator's (and the crowd's) energy to stop their watch.

ZipLock - The haunted deck is a classic effect were the spectators selected card moves by ITSELF out of the deck of cards. Yet, it is open to suspicion. What if the entire effect was done in a sealed ziplock bag? The spectators are left with nothing but shock.

Vertical - One of our favorite effects. Use your spectator's acupuncture pressure points to make a match stand straight up in their palm. This effect is worth the price of the DVD.

Locator- A signed quarter penetrates a CLOSED box of cards to settle on a spectators freely selected and signed card. The double signatures AND penetration AND reveal is a triple combo.

DeadSpot - A sweet trick with a mobile phone (in fact there are a few mobile phone tricks, and you could use the M5 and other cell phone tricks on the market to become a cell phone magician, just using peoples phones to do magic)


Exclusive Access to the M5 Forum where you can exchange ideas and trick development






In the box



Nine Inch Nails - A spectator selected card is lost in the deck. The magician takes some nails and places the nails on top of the deck. You place your spectator's hands on top of the nails and the deck. When they lift their hands, they find no nails. They have vanished. As she opens the deck box she finds all of the nails have imp ailed themselves onto her selected card. This is Brad and Justin's favorite trick on the DVD and definitely the one where we got the craziest reactions during filming. Definitely a closer, it doesn't get any stronger.


Levi-Change - A spectator picks their favorite card and is then lost in the deck. the magician cuts a few times and shows a card that is wrong. He then makes the card levitate into thin air AND change to their selected card. this is the FIRST levitating card change EVER. The crowd favorite during filming.


Finder - Use someone's cell phone to play "find-the-card" . You can actually use a digital cell phone as a 'divining rod' to find who is holding the selected card. (Not to be used with touch screen phones)


Reformation- A torn and restored cigarette re-engineered for the street. No lapping. Great angles.


Pass Thru - This is a 3 phase card through table that ends in the spectator catching the card as it visually penetrates the table. Each phase builds on the other until that very last moment where they ACTUALLY catch the card as it falls through the table.


Advanced EX-Change - An even more visual and hard hitting exchange effect (from Volume 1) that makes the spectator question their own mind. This effect just doesn't transpose through their hand, it transposes from YOUR hand to theirs.


Cellophane- A SIGNED coin is taken and pushed through a SEALED cigarette box and is found INSIDE the cellophane.


Bonus Coin Vanishes and switches

Exclusive Access to the M5 Forum where you can exchange ideas and trick development

Closing Thoughts & Tip




What Is This Product?                                          

M5 System Tactics and Training is two separate DVDs, Vol 1 and Vol 2 Advanced. 

Each DVD is 2 hours long and is taught by top professional Justin Miller.

Both DVDs are packed with real-world work on the street with superb training .  



What Is The M5 System?

The “M5 system” is a kit containing a gimmick that is unseen by the spectator.  It comes with several props and is available in the basic version or the turbo-charged pro kit.  The DVDs seen on this page do NOT automatically come with the kit which must be purchased separately.

You wear the M5 unit on you and it does the magic for you . you are the one however who must manage the movements and the presentation with the device.  You will also be the one who gets all the credit.




You must own the DVDs in order to make full use of your M5 kit.  If you own the M5 already and are performing tricks with it, the DVDs will supercharge your creativity.  In these DVDs the M5 is used in diabolical ways you have never thought of.

If you are a beginner with the M5, these DVDs will teach you everything you need to know about M5 work.  They will take you by the hand and walk you through every step of using the M5.  You’ll learn:


  1. How to hide the M5 effectively, including places on the body and off the body
  2. The psychological attitude you must have when performing with an M5
  3. You’ll learn incredible tricks with nails, cards, coins, cell phones, mentalism, keys, matches, cigarettes, and watches
  4. The effect the M5 has on electronics, what you can and can’t get away with