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Loops by Yigal Mesika

Loops by Yigal Mesika

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Simple tricks make big miracles.

From talented Israeli magician Yigal Mesika comes one of the most powerful utility gimmicks ever invented! This wonder utility is strong enough to move silverware or a pair of sunglasses leaving you fearless to create incredible levitations and animations. Not only that, Loops are capable of creating an incredible array of stunning effects not only possible, but very practical. This miracle maker can be on you at all times and your hands stay totally clean after each effect allowing you to repeat the effect as many times as you wish.

"I never leave home without it." - Criss Angel

  • Move a fork with the power of your mind
  • A deck of cards literally SPITS out the spectators selection
  • Invisible in almost ALL light conditions
  • Your limit is only your imagination.

    The materials given to you that allow you to do things that are unimaginable. They are the most ingenious (yet inexpensive) magic prop of this century. They are awesome and I recommend any close up (or even stage) performer. Pick up some along with Animated Miracles to enhance the use of your Loops...

    ... If I am ever visiting I always make sure I am ready with them, so that I can continually blow their minds. Loops are incredible.
    by David Mitchell

    I carry these with me all the time, that's how easy they are to use.
    by Adam


    These are a gift from God
    by Ben