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Show your prediction BEFORE the trick begins. Let them SHUFFLE and deal to any card. It ALWAYS matches. 






This is a HUGE let down. Not at all up to Andy Nymans usual standard (even though the method is the exact same as another effect he released). 

They say in the ad copy "premium gimmicks hand picked by the creator"..... This has to be the biggest joke/ lie I've seen in a long time in the magic world. When you see what you get with the DVD you'll be left wondering just what in the hell Andy had to pick out? Laughable. 

You know you've bought a bad effect when they decide to blur THE EXPLANATION because its so obvious even to a camera lens!?! They try to make the blur look artsy and hip in only the way Theory11 can, this is so the kiddies can save their disappointment until they are standing in front of a mirror. 





The worst part of the DVD is when they (for ZERO reasons) bring on "Zack" and his buddy. Completely turns the DVD into a joke and ruins any tinge of credibility it had. 

I have a lot of Andy Nymans work, but I'll do some serious research before going near anything the guy puts out again, especially if Theory 11 are involved. It's like he sold out, left his integrity at the door and accepted the cheque.