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The coin will VISIBLY and AUDIBLY melt right through the glass

Completely impromptu. Completely surrounded. Completely impossible.

Imagine possessing the ability to take ANY borrowed coin, any borrowed glass, and visually cause the coin to penetrate through the glass at a moment's notice. The coin will VISIBLY and AUDIBLY melt right through the glass. Use almost any glass container.No gaffs, no dupes - just the coin and a drinking glass all by itself. Learn for yourself how to perform this miracle.

  • Completely impromptu, no gimmicks
  • Use any glass and ANY borrowed coin
  • Stealth-like, imperceptible technique
  • Video extremely detailed w/ tips from Brad C.

    Sounds impossible.

    And looks impossible, too. From innovative Norwegian performer Geir Bratlie comes INFUSION. Containing extensive instruction on every facet of this rock-solid, effect, this DVD release provides all you need to know to be performing INFUSION soon.

    When Geir first presented the effect to Team Ellusionist, we were hooked. Stunning in it's simplicity, and having SUCH a visual nature - we were blown away. And you will be too.