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In life and in magic, there exists a line where the possible meets the impossible. There's a roadblock. A barrier. A limit. INDECENT crosses that line and never looks back.

  • Loaded with live street performances
  • Pristine, better-than-broadcast quality DVD
  • Shot in Sony ® High Definition for clarity
  • Featuring 5+ Easter Eggs-- the search is on...

    Here's what your spectator sees: a card is selected from any deck. It's a free choice-- no force. Signed. The card is then lost in the deck, then shuffled. The cards are then dribbled on top of a sealed Ziploc bag.


    Slowly, the bag is lifted up from underneath the chaos of cards to show that one card is sealed INSIDE the bag-- the spectator's signed card.

    Credit note: Inspired by an effect by Anthony Miller