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I Vanish

I Vanish

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                              Subtle, both-hands-empty, surreal coin-vanish.

                                                                              What makes a trick an instant classic of magic?It takes several components. First, you must have an incredible method that fools everyone. Second, you need an emotional hook that insures that your audience cares about watching your performance. But the one thing that really makes a trick a classic is that it gets an incredible reaction...guaranteed.I Vanish meets and exceeds all three components. 


The I Vanish DVD contains a live show that combines I Vanish with an idea from the legendary Mac King that destroys the audience. The reaction is through the roof. The routine is logical, amazing and's wonderful.


                                                                                            *i Vanish                                      
                                                                                            *i Blind          
                                                                                            *i Ditch                     
                                                                                            *i Cream Show                       
                                                                                            *Full Explanations

                             Running Time Approximately 33min

The method is incredibly clean. You hands are completely empty immediately after each vanish. All three methods are done standing. Of course you can use iVanish while seated but there is no lapping. Each vanish actually looks like trick photography! One of the best features of iVanish is that all three methods are really easy to perform, in fact anybody can do it! I know many magicians are afraid of visual coin magic but iVanish does not require years of knuckle busting practice. You'll be up to speed in no time at all!

Using the iVanish techniques you'll be able to rub or shove a coin directly into your eye! People are forced to watch. Some squirm, some will wince, many will cringe but they'll all watch. It's like a car wreck. Everybody slows down to see what's going on. iVanish is part geek, part magic but 100% a showstopper. They simply have to watch. It's human nature.

This is "Oh, my God" material. People absolutely freak.

can be applied to many routines as a great solution or addition. For instance, it's a tremendous solution to the last coin in a 3 Fly routine. It can be used to great effect in any one coin routine such as Slydini's or Gary Kurtz's Flurious. The applications are almost endless.