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Highflyer (Red Bicycle and DVD)

Highflyer (Red Bicycle and DVD)

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A card is freely selected and signed across its face by the spectator. The signed card is repeatedly placed inside the middle of the deck and arrives magically back on TOP every single time!

The magician explains that you actually can't "see" the card appear at the top of the deck.For that reason the magician signs his name on the BACK of the spectator's signed selection, and once again the card is placed back in the middle of the pack and shuffled thoroughly.

With just a shake of the deck and under impossible conditions, the spectator's SIGNED selection VISUALLY and MAGICALLY reappears on TOP of the deck!

Now for the final kicker: the magician explains that the signed card is SO ambitious that sometimes it even wants to go FURTHER than the TOP. The signed card is placed face-up on top of the deck and the deck is placed onto the spectator's hand.

SLOWLY the signed card starts to levitate off the deck- suddenly and unexpectedly the card fires upwards all the way to the fingertips of the magician! Finally the signed card is given away as souvenir. Remember: during this phase the magician NEVER touches the deck!

The full training DVD will guide you step by step on how to perform the routine, sleights and techniques. Custom handmade gimmick on Bicycle stock included.



Running Time Approximately: 24min



"If you would like to end your card routine with a mysterious and visual rise to the top of the deck that's followed by a levitation, you may enjoy Highflyer. "
Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 3/3/2011

" won’t be disappointed by “High Flyer.”"
James, MyLovelyAssistant 3/31/2011

"Recommended, but only for the adventurous."
Shane, Online Visions 3/7/2011