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Ghost (mini)

Ghost (mini)

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SKU: 888-0281
Weight: 150 grams
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 It's time for something new. Bigger isn't always better. In this case, it's SMALLER. The same high impact visuals that you became familiar with are still there, crisp feel and stunning looks, these are identical in every way to the normal sized Ghost Decks, except in size! The uses for these cards are as limitless as your imagination, take your Baby Ghosts and go wild!

Ellusionist has discovered a better finish for the Ghost Mini deck than any other mini deck on the market. It's not quite the UV500, but better for fanning than the normal finish.


  • Better finish than other Mini's
  • Start creating tricks NOW
  • Gets you started with 2 Killer Tricks
  • Carry it in your pocket everywhere
  • Do all your normal tricks with it too