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You have the right to remain silent.

 What if you could beat the Government?.

Each year, our government spends millions of dollars protecting one of the most vital asset this country has: paper currency. The FBI has developed methods to detect, prevent, and eliminate fraud using elite fraud-prevention technology.

What if you could visibly alter the state of our currency? What if you could cause the seal on a borrowed, signed bill to slowly MOVE from one side of the bill all the way across to the other?

  • Can be performed with a signed bill.
  • Details instructions taught by Daniel Garcia
  • DVD Comes with everything you need to start performing


"This trick, in my opinion, is the #1 closing trick EVER."
- Luke, Massachusetts, USA


"This shouldn't be possible...."
- Proximo - Ellusionist forums


"Your brain simply won't believe what your eyes are seeing.."
- David Mitchell - Ellusionist Staff


Shot on location at San Quentin Federal Prison and at Ellusionist's West Coast Studios, FRAUD is Daniel Garcia at his best.

Jam-packed with street performances and detailed instruction, Garcia leaves no rock unturned.

The beauty of FRAUD is its simplicity. A spectator's signed, borrowed bill and your hands - that's it. At the end, they are left with their signed bill still in hand-- visibly altered in a manner they know is impossible.

The seal on the signed bill is pushed from one side of the bill all the way to the other.

Start clean. End clean. They can examine your hands, the bill, and the Sharpie to their heart's content. There's nothing to do but take their bill home with them and start showing it to people.

Garcia previously gave this to a few trusted friends. Now he gives it to you in the Ellusionist-produced DVD


Follow Garcia as he performs FRAUD and explains the brilliant technique behind it.

Shot in Sony High Definition and mastered to DVD in pristine Ellusionist quality.