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Dove vanishing cage

Dove vanishing cage

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The vanishing cage the pros REALLY use! 

During your act, up to 6 doves are placed into the cage seen resting on a thin table. The cage and doves are covered with a beautiful foulard. All is brought forward to the footlights and tossed up. The cage and doves are gone! Never in the history of magic has this classic effect been offered in such a stunning presentation.


Not only does the cage appear very solid and sitting on-not in a table, but the cage appears to have feet giving a "view" underneath. About a year ago, pro magician Jason Purdy and I began to correspond via e-mail. He wanted to share some improvements for my Cage vanish V 2.0. I was able to implement almost all of his ideas and the PROline Cage Vanish V 3.0 was born.


I was extremely happy with the look and new features such as air-holes and wide corner bars. It all really added to the overall look and performance of the prop. Jason, however, was not content to rest. So came the revolutionary idea of using black art to create "feet" for the cage. It required a bit of re-engineering but a few months latter....the PW (P for Purdy, W for Wiggs) PROcage became a reality. To add the final icing on the cake, I developed a new, more compact base for the cage.. the PRObase. I now feel the product is perfect.                                                                                


Features: *Come complete with WOOD wheel Casing..for easy to carried