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 Digital Conviction

Digital Conviction

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Borrowed cell phone photo CHANGES to selected card... with their initials.

Nowadays 99% of cell phones take a picture. You go to 'camera mode' and press the button. It's done.

Digital Conviction makes beautiful use of that feature. It can be performed anywhere and anytime with all borrowed objects. A picture is taken of a card, on THEIR own phone, with THEIR initials on it ---- and then changes to THEIR selected card with THEIR initials on it.
Everything is completely ungimmicked and examinable and the spectator keeps a souvenir that will surely make YOU unforgettable.

This effect is huge and it's a worker.
Here are a few important points to remember:

  • Uses no gimmicks
  • Easy to do
  • Freely chosen card
  • Uses all borrowed objects
  • Requires no setup
  • Use any phone with a camera built in (99% of all phones these days)

    Also as an added bonus you will receive an additional bonus effect using cards and a camera phone.

    If you are looking for an effect where you don't have to carry any extra material and an effect you will actually do, then Digital Conviction is for you.

Here is what happens in the effect. You approach the spectator and remove a joker or any card out of the deck. You say, "We will use this as the wild card but we'll get back to that in a moment. Will you please select any card?" The spectator has a free choice of any card, nothing is forced.

The selected card then gets lost in the deck. "Now let’s get back to the Joker." You remove the joker and place their initials on the corner of the joker. You REALLY DO place THEIR REAL INITIALS on the ACTUAL JOKER. They see it and confirm it.

"Remember the joker is the wild card. Let’s make this moment memorable and take a picture." You now borrow their camera phone and take a picture of the joker with their initials. The spectator CONFIRMS AND SEES that the picture being taken on the camera phone is the joker with their initials.

  The phone is immediately handed to the spectator and placed face down in their hand so that the change of the card is not revealed until you want it to be. Now the magic begins: first phase. "If I take the joker that we just took a picture of and give it a little shake in my hands you can see that it changes to your selected card".

With a closer examination the spectator sees that her initials are now ON the selected card instead of on the joker!

Now you go in for the kill.

"If that card changed in my hand then the picture on the phone in your hand should have changed too…"

Savor the reaction of your spectator realizing that they saw you take a picture of a joker with THEIR initials on it and it changed to their selected card with their initials on it.