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Cradle to Grave

Cradle to Grave

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                                      The original XCM DVD from an underground master.

De'vo's underground card material has been talked about all over the world. Some of his moves have become legendary in the world of visual card manipulation. The Cradle to Grave DVD is the first publicly released product from De'vo. All of his previous material was kept in small circles and extremely limited.

The first run of this DVD was sold out in a manner of weeks and received rave reviews from around the globe. Step into De'vo's world to experience and learn visual card manipulation like never before!

  • Revolutionary visual teaching technique. See the move, then learn the move.
  • De'vos much talks about 'Cradle to Grave routine' taught step by step.
  • Learn incredible moves, not for the faint of heart, but well worth the work to learn them.


Most of the moves on the DVD are pretty easy in my opinion. But they are all very unique and different. My wife could do the flipback, modified smooth opener, flipback fan (a little, but needed more practice), the flipback vanish (with a sloppy fan), all directly after watching the teaching videos and she never handled a deck of cards before! She couldn't do the birdy fan or heaven display because she can't do fans (and I don't teach them), and she had trouble with the impossible stack because it needs serious practice and she only tried it once. - also it was tough for her fingers to do the sybil motions - The actual smooth opener is a knack kind of thing, and she got it once. This is all in a one hour session.

This DVD is really for those that want to handle the cards in a very different way, and not anything like what they have seen on tv. I don't do anything conventional. This DVD showcases some unusual flourishes with new and different concepts. Most are easy.


                          About the difficulty of the DVD, I will break everything down for you:

- The deck travels to the back of your hand in a flash. - very simple, even my wife and children could do it in under 10 minutes.

Flipback Fan:
One of the most unique fans in the world. The fan is formed from the back of your hand.

Flipback vanish
- A packet is vanished from the BACK of your hand.

Smooth Opene
r - An incredible way to take the cards out of the box. Must be seen to be believed! (it's on the vid we made for you I believe) - pretty simple, it's just a flipback, the timing on how far to let the cards slide out can be tricky, but not impossible.. also I will show an easier way to do it on the ellusionist forum vids... if it is too hard, then they can do the modified Smooth Opener instead, or the CTG Opener which is taught in extreme detail.

Birdy Fan
- A fan is formed and you immediately let go almost completely except for one finger where the fan is perfectly balanced. It can appear to float, or be used as a stunt by itself. All they need to be able to do is a fan, then it is very simple! Just a little secret and it's a piece of cake.

Heaven Display
- Intermediate, all they have to be able to do is a birdy fan, then a one handed fan. Not too difficult once you know the secret (no gimmicks).... just that know one ever thought of it before.

- The Cradle to Grave Routine is a card demonstration of complete control and discipline. This routine was designed to fulfill the 8th Step in the Ulmen Trials appropriately called Cradle to Grave. The cards start and end in the box. Everything in between will take skill and dedication.

This routine is perfect for those that wish to do a display of skill in a way that makes sense, and has purpose. The routine is well thought out and the ones that master it will understand the power of skill displays and how to appropriately use them.

No doubt pro material. 3 parts, the opener, the sybil concept, and the closer. You saw part of the teaching vid for the opener/closer. Those are not too tough, pretty simple actually. The Impossible Stack that you have not seen is a little tougher. Basically you do a 3 packet sybil and the box clipped on the BACK of your hand, and exchange the box like a packet, then you periodically put a packet into the box, all the while making sure all the packets go in facing the same direction, and in perfect order (it's all false). But, it's not fast like a sybil, it's actually pretty slow. But no picnic, not as complicated as the Tudor cuts/Buck Twins/ Casino etc... It's just different mainly to train your hands to handle the box which feels strange at first, managing the flap etc..... But I think the 30 minute instruction on the sybil alone is enough to get them going. It's really hard to tell how difficult these things are as I have never seen anyone else try this stuff, and they are not too difficult for me..... but only time will tell. The nice thing about CTG is that someone could perform it like a snail, and I think it would still be very interesting to laymen.

Special Bonus:
The Heaven Display
The Heaven Display is a unique way to display fans. This has never been seen before and has been kept quiet by De'vo until now! Due to the underground nature of this display, it will not be in any video clips on the web. A special forum will be offered on Ellusionist to all that buy CTG from Ellusionist. Items on this special forum will include but not limited to: Bonus video, additional training aids, CTG in depth discussion and personal instruction by De'vo.



                                                             Additional Bonuses:

1. Discussion Forum online with personal instruction on flourish technique from De'vo himself. This is a very private area of the ellusionist web site hosted by De'vo... ask any questions and learn from the amazing discussions regarding card flourishes and the latest technique happening in the underground flourish world.

2. Bonus downloadable movies. De'vo has created some amazing movies which you will receive in addition to the DVD. The Flick and the Pop are methods of opening the box of cards in a flashy way.

Not for the faint of heart, but DEFINITELY for those who want to make an impact everywhere they go!  Get yours now!



A must-have...
by Peter Duffie

Original and 'visually poetic' to watch. A must-have...

One-of-a-kind flourishes...

by T.G. Murphy


by Jerry the Flourishman