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Cesaral Melting Point

Cesaral Melting Point

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99-0204Cesaral Melting Point (DVD with Gimmick Complete Set)RM  500.00
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D-0204Cesaral Melting Point ( DVD )RM  220.00
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One of the most amazing and visual coin tricks you will ever see. The magician gives a coin and a plate glass surface to be fully examined. The glass is then held by two spectators. The magician tries to open a "magic window" in the center of the surface to enable the coin to pass thru it and in a few seconds it goes through! The coin visually passes right through the solid piece of glass! The coin can even visually penetrate into a spectator's hand. Your hands are repeatedly shown very clean. At the end, everything can be examined again. This practical miracle is something you will always carry with you.

A bonus included in the instructional disc is "Ghost Coin" in which a coin is balanced on a table or bar and the "shadow" of your fingers causes the coin to start spinning. This and many other amazing effects are possible with Cesaral Melting Point.


                                                                                Important points:


  • It can be done initially on an opaque surface, and finally the second time on a plate glass or transparent plastic surface so that everybody can "see" how it works.
  • Almost any surface can be used including a spectator's glass coffee table or glass dinner table.
  • Extremely clean.
  • Easy, practical, and extremely clever method.
  • No sleeves.
  • Can be done with many other coins and objects like candy. (perfect for kids magic!)
  • No special ring (jewelry) is needed.
  • The technique can be used to perform other magic miracles.
  • Works for impromptu, close up, and even stage magic with bigger coins or objects.






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