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Cash Out by Will Tsai

Cash Out by Will Tsai

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yesss! a bill change where you can finally hand them out!
by james roman manuel

This is just so good....
by Brian Sapper
The first time I feel like live in my magic... AND EVEN SHOP WITH IT!! I was buying stuff the other time, pulled out a piece of blank paper and turned it into a bill, acted like nothing happened, all people around me had their jaws dropped!! LOL Priceless!

There's a catch
by daniel varona
 The trick itself I found it was awesome, a great idea and very applicable, BUT the vidoe itself is NOT ellusionist quality. In all honesty I thought this video was homemade, had issue seeing parts of the explanation and the lighting was horrible.


This is THE bill change!!
Why hand the bill out just to take them back?

What if you can take a piece of paper from your wallet, immediately turn it into a bill and hand this single bill out 'clean' ?! It's a practical dream come true effect that's designed for you to shop and pay with your magic.. ! Don't show off with your bills, PAY with it! Perform surrounded anytime anywhere with nothing to hide, palm, or clean up. Totally self-contained!






- Super-Visual Single Change from Paper to bills
- Angle Proof
- Instant Reset
- Multiple Bills
- Always ready to go
- Nothing to Hide or ditch
- No Palming