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 Box Monster - Nate Kranzo

Box Monster - Nate Kranzo

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Box Monster - Nate Kranzo Unleash the beast in your box.

Make cards move at will.

IMAGINE: The spectator selects two cards out of the deck-- there are no forces. With no funny moves, the cards are placed back in the center of the deck. The deck is then placed back into the box. The box is closed. Nothin' fancy. Yet.

  • All inclusive, detailed instruction by Nathan Kranzo
  • Pristine quality, better-than-broadcast quality DVD
  • Use any kind of deck-- break in those Masters
  • Easy to learn-- simple, direct, and effective
  • Includes everything you need except a standard deck
  • There is set up but it is complete in 3-4 seconds
  • There is a gimmick used to aid the effect, included
  • Clean up is natural and instant... and easy
  • Performed constantly by Nathan in his act


     With no false motions, the card box visibly opens itself and one card is seen to slowly, visibly rise up out of the deck. Your hand grips the card gently, then pulls it out of the deck. The card is slowly turned over-- done. You've nailed card number one.

    The cards are then held in your hands. The spectators eyes are fixed on your hands like a hawk. You bring the cards down to the table and begin to spread the cards slowly from right to left.

    One card begins to slowly move out of the spread, towards the spectator -- while on the table. You've never seen anything like this. And your spectators haven't either-- it's downright eerie.