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Big Linking Ring by JL - Trick

Big Linking Ring by JL - Trick

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SKU: 888-0081
Weight: 900 grams
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Big, Oversized, Huge, Gigantic...Call them whatever you want, there's no doubt these linking rings will impress you and your audience. 

Perform all the sleights with ease!
The Linking Rings is one of the most popular effects in the history of magic.

The rings magically link and unlink.
This 6 ring set is crafted in Impervious steel..and comes with a cloth carrying bag
1 key 2 are normal and 3 already united.

Magnetic Key!!!
Material: Stainless Steel

Product Size: 32CM Diameter X 1CM thickness
Packaging: velvet bag & box
Total Rings: 6 Units








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