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Bently (DVD + Supplies)

Bently (DVD + Supplies)

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IMPORTANT: The buzz surrounding BENTLY has been insane. The first AND SECOND batches have now sold-out. Our THIRD shipment is already going fast. Please reserve yours ASAP.










''I LOVE THIS effect! Chris showed this to me late last year and I have carried a paperclip in my wallet since! It looks amazing and you feel awesome doing it." -Ryan Schlutz

"I saw this performed for me and was blown away by the visuals, when I found what the method was I was equally blown away. Awesome concept and I cant wait to get on this!" -Chris Wiehl

"This thing looks fantastic and I was definitely floored when I first saw it. The method is insanely creative, I love it! I perform this alot now and I carry it around with me everywhere I go. This effect definitely gets my two thumbs up!" -Casshan Wallace

Animate an ordinary paper clip with absolutely NO SLEIGHT OF HAND. You can even perform this miracle completely HANDS OFF!

With nothing but a single paper clip, you'll astound onlookers by making it bend and contort to your will. The method for Bently is unlike anything you have ever seen before. 




  • No optical illusions are used. YES, IT IS REALLY BENDING!
  • You can perform Bently in the hands or HANDS OFF!
  • No threads are used.
  • Best of all Bently can be reset instantly so that you can perform it over and over with the same paper clip.
  • Within minutes of finishing this tutorial you'll be able to flawlessly warp the paper clip from any angle, at any time.