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Bare Hands Bill Production and Other Bill Effects

Bare Hands Bill Production and Other Bill Effects

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Juan Pablo's thinking is brilliant. His bill production and change are wonderful to behold! Its visual, commercial and ingenious. I highly recommend it! - John Carney Juan Pablo, the creator of "Roped", "Iguana", "No Gravity" and many others brilliant effects, did it again! This new DVD contains a new way to produce up to 6 real bills from your bare hands and other bills tricks, combining his famous bill change with this new technique.


Produced in English, Spanish and Japanese!!! Includes Gimmicks 

Produce up to 6 bills, one by one from your bare hands. During the bills production, a white paper appears, and suddenly it changes into a real bill. Combine the bill production with the amazing Juan Pablo's bill change. A signed borrowed bill vanishes and then, another bill changes into the signed one. Tear and restore a borrowed bill using the bill production technique. A borrowed and signed bill vanishes and appears anywhere.The most visual and original bill duplication. and more! 













                                                                                    Running Time Approximately: 1hr 14mins